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BOOB’S TUBE: Губернатор Приморского края Сергей Дарькин (aka “Серёга Шепелявый”): “…Мы должны зачистить весь негатив.”
Мэр Владивостока Николаев (aka “Винни-Пух”): “А то!”.
Девушка, пришедшая поступать инспектором в красноярскую ГИБДД: “…Какая-то власть чувствуется…Стоишь на дороге.”
Погода-дрянь: “Удачи вам. Увидимся”.

И один единственный вопрос вместо ста тысяч: “Пенсия в сто долларов – это чего?”

За свою долгую жизнь миссис Мортимер не бывала во многих городах и странах, в частности, не была она и в Сиднее, Австралия:
This town is close to Botany Bay. It is the largest town in Australia. It is a very wicked city, because so many convicts have been sent there. Many of the people are the children of convicts, and have been brought up very ill by their parents. Of course there are many robberies in such a
city, far more than there are in London. Who would like to live there!
Yet it is a fine city, and by the sea-side, with a harbor, where hundreds of ships might ride, safe from the storm. It is plain, too, that Sydney is full of rich people, for the streets are thronged with carriages, driving rapidly along. The convicts often become rich, after their time of punishment is over, by keeping public-houses, and when rich they keep carriages.
If you were in Sydney, you would hardly think you were in a savage island; for you would see no savages in the streets. What is become of those who once lived in these parts? They are all dead, or gone to other parts of the island. The last black near Sydney, used to talk of the old times, and say, "When I was a pick-a-ninny, plenty of black fellow then. Only one left now, mitter."

РасСУПонилось красно солнышко, расталдыкнуло свои длинные по белу светушку. Понюхал старик Эдмундыч носиком 650 тысяч кириллических тред-портянок и аж заколдобился…

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