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“When a Circassian takes a Russian prisoner, he makes him a slave, and gives him the hardest work to do. Yet the Russians are much happier with their Circassian masters than in their own country.
Once a Circassian said to his Russian slave, "I am going to send you back to Russia." The man fell at his master's feet, saying, "Rather than do so, use me as your dog; beat me, tie me up, and give me your bones to pick." The master then told him that he had not spoken in earnest, and that he would not send him away, and then the poor fellow began to shout, and to jump with joy.”

- Mrs. Mortimer’s “Black Luggage Humour”, 1852 -

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    КУЛЬТУРА-ИСКУССТВО-ШОУ-БИЗНЕС Стал известен пол третьего ребенка Агнии Дитковските - из газет -

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    МК @mkomsomolets · 33 мин Морская рыба очень полезна для организма, заявил в эфире «О самом главном» телеведущий и врач Александр Мясников

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    РИА Новости @rianru Государственное издание, Россия · 53 мин Шойгу заявил об обострении ситуации с переписыванием истории Второй мировой…

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