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TWIMC, жаль, Борисыч на байдарке сейчас, вроде, изменил велику

..In April 2000, SAGIA was set up to promote foreign investment and act as a one-stop shop for licenses, permits and other paperwork. Since its establishment, SAGIA licensed more than 2000 projects worth around $15 billion, the Saudi Embassy in Washington said in May 2008. (8.)
``It has struggled valiantly to change the Saudi bureaucratic environment during its first decade. Its efforts make for a unique test of the resilience of segmented power structures," - said Steffen Hertog in his 2011 book ``Princes, Brokers and Bureaucrats: Oil and the State in Saudi Arabia."
Among foreign investors, SAGIA acquired the nickname "one-more stop shop" reflecting the fact that it did little more than add to the layer of bureaucracy, Hertog said. (9.)

Тут, вроде, типа игра слов - в первом случае с плюсом, принцип "одного окна", во втором - с минусом, иронически, то есть, очередное, дополнительное, "-цатое "одно окно", мне кажется, словом, вместо облегчения - лишний барьер, дополнительное препятствие. Или нет?
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